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About Us

"As an entrepreneur, my ultimate goal is to have the capacity to help and enhance other people’s lives. Well, I decided to work on my ultimate goal sooner than later!" 

My name is Tariq, a self-made entrepreneur, living in beautiful California. I have been a student for the majority of the 30 years I've been on earth, pursuing my dreams. Not too long ago, I graduated from grad school with a masters degree in business administration. This was not always the plan, but it became so when I switched my interest from computer engineering to E-commerce. I launched this online store to serve a cause that has always been dear to me which is helping others. This cause was inspired by a mixture of experiences, thoughts, and ultimately the desire to help the urgent need for action rather than just wishing and hoping to help.

Odacali is a brand representing the initiative that aims to accomplish real change in the world, yes in the whole world. Since we are able to ship our accessories worldwide, we take this opportunity to reach every country to do our best in helping the community by assisting individuals in any shape or form necessary and possible. Odacali helps sustain jobs for artisans around the world.
Our Cause 
We will donate 1% of the profit that will be generated from this online store to the Odacali initiative each month. The donations will be distributed/invested relatively according to the sales percentage in each city, region and country. After learning the true operating cost of our mission, we are aiming to increase the percentage of donations to our cause. We chose jewelry and fashion accessories as a product and tool to help reach our cause worldwide because shipping costs are efficient and effective. Our goal is to see beautiful masterpieces gathered from all over the world on each wrist, worldwide!

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